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Franchise Location: IL, Chicago North Shore

Soccer Training Options

Need that extra burst of speed with the ball? Need to improve running form? Soccer speed agility camps focus on getting faster, quicker; with and without the ball. A side benefit of our soccer camps is improved conditioning. Camps are generally 90 minutes long unless noted.

House of Speed is the only reputable program in Chicago that combines speed/agility and soccer into one program that gets results. Diversify your soccer skills training with speed/agility training. Don’t burnout doing the same thing on the soccer field every week.

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Private Training – Free Evaluation


  • Come back for Winter Programming in Novemer


  • Come back for Winter Programming in Novemer

College Prep, U18

  • Summer College Prep Speed and Conditioning Camps

3v3 Tournaments



We provide soccer skills training as well as soccer specific speed agility training on a private basis. We will help your son or daughter improve on areas of weakness while continuing to build on their strengths. Our free evaluation will include a personalized evaluation report sent to you that will include a proposed training program.

Our private evaulations and training programs are 60 minutes in length. Private training costs between $55-$105 per hour depending on the location. We have agreements with several facilities in the northern suburbs. You may have to pay a little more in order to be closer to home. We try to be fair when setting the price as the facility dictates what we need to charge.

All of our trainers played college soccer and still actively play soccer in the adult leagues. Many have their training certifications and all of them have been through formal training at our national training center in Aurora, IL.

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College Prep, U18, College Players

Summer – Soccer College Prep Speed Agility Conditioning Program

What is it?

High School Soccer is Over…. Club Soccer is a fond but distant memory ….

You have signed to play at the College level…. Are you Ready?

Imagine walking into that first college practice. Have you prepared yourself to keep up with other elite team members? You are going up against players with 2-3 years of college level playing experience already. Are you going to walk in out of shape? A step slow? Lose that burst? How often will you touch a soccer ball over summer break?

How about a training program requiring minimal time commitment that produces big results? Many of you have attended our annual Soccer Combine.

House of Speed offers Soccer specific speed, agility, and conditioning training 3 times per week over the summer. Our trainers have played soccer at the college level. Now they are going to get you ready for that level. Nobody else in Chicago brings a combination of soccer and speed/agility training experience.

Pick from two classes in June and two more in July. If you are a little out of shape or really want to compete for a starting spot your freshman year, sign up for both months. Imagine starting as a freshman because you walked into training camp in peak condition?

You fought so hard to make the college team. Don’t lose it your first year because you failed to do a little preparation before arriving on campus.

Learn more about the “Launch” program on our dedicated page.


  • High School Graduating Men and Women
  • College Players


    July 2-30 Program

    Monday, Wednesday, Friday


Palatine – Soccer City

    573 Consumers Ave.
    Indoor Field Turf. No sun. No rain. No excuses


Only $40 per 90 minute training session


    Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
    Call: 847.383.5168

Full Session Pricing

Pay Per Session – When Paying for Less than a Full Session

Detailed Session Information

Class 2a:

    M,W,F 9:00-10:30AM
    July 2 – July 30
    No class July 4

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3v3 Summer 2012

“3v3 Soccer” is claimed to be the fastest growing form of soccer in the World.

It is a much faster paced, and higher scoring game than traditional full sided soccer. The speed of the attack, the use of triangulation, and the strategies bring aspects of Hockey into the game. The quick shift from one end of the field to the other after a goal is scored, or upon loss of possession is reminiscent of Basketball. It requires the blending of individual skills with teamwork.

Its gain in popularity is largely because every member of the team gets equal playing time, and equal touches on the ball. All players on the field are a part of the play. Because of the speed of the game, and the fact that players are constantly in motion, there are frequent substitutions. A typical player may be rotated on six times or more in one game. There are no permanently assigned positions as there are in full sided soccer, giving each team member equal status and equal importance. This helps to develop individual skills. – Wikipedia 2012

Bring your friends and we will fill out the rest of the team with players from other clubs.

Glenview 3v3 June 23

Tournament Highlights:

Tournament – Glenview 3v3 Soccer Fest

Saturday, June 23 All Day

Team Size: 3-6 Players

4 Games (Never back to back) of 12 minute halves


3v3 Package Includes:

· Registration in Glenview 3v3 tournament

· Organize communications to parents for tournament day games

· 2 Game shirts (light and dark) yours to keep

· Up to 6 One hour practices outdoors with a Soccer Coach (We have 3 coaches)

· Provide coach for the tournament games

· Water at the games

· Designated Area at the event to hang out between games (Rest and have fun with your teammates!)

· Build your player’s self-confidence and ball skills in game situations

Cost: $135


    Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)
    Call: 847.383.5168

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Training Programs for Every Sport and Skill

House of Speed provides the best available sport-specific performance training. House of Speed is continuously developing and refining the most current training techniques, enabling athletes to increase their overall speed, strength, explosiveness, agility and sport-specific ability.